About Us

Welcome to the Gastropub! Not quite a bar and not quite a restaurant, the gastropub is a British hybrid of sorts, offering a casual-meets-refined atmosphere that welcomes beer drinkers and wine snobs, nonfussy eaters and foodies alike. We have taken a lot of care and pride to design our offerings to be a unique twist on old school classics.


The Capital Gastropub chooses to use steel ceramics and cast iron for the preparation of all hot foods. Our mission to be ecofriendly as possible includes local farming community : “Everblossom”, “Three Springs”, “Pecan Meadow”, “Pinemountain”, “Whistleberry”, “Keswick Creamery” are just a few of our neighbors and friends. We use sustainable seafood as a responsible eatery should. So sit back and relax in our Manhattanstyle elegance right in the
heart of the capital city!


The staff and management of Capital Gastropub